“Its not about How Much Money you make. But How Much Money you Keep, How hard it works for you and How many Generations you keep it for .”

- Marie Curie

A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish.

Lets Achieve your Goals, by working out a Plan around your Wishes

Service for Doctors at all Life Stages

The Earlier you Start, better it is. But In Financial Planning its never too late. If you are a beginner or have already started investing or have been investing for quite many years, but are not sure which direction you are going and if you are on Right Track or not.  Don't Worry. We will help you Organize in your Money Matters and Manage the Financials Responsibly for you. We Serve Doctors at all Life stages.

You can think of us as your primary care physician for your finances.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The Major benefits is the Peace of Mind and the feeling of Wellness that now your finances are being taken care of Responsibly for your benefit. You will enjoy the process and be always sure that the right quantum of money be available with you as and when required.

Huge Benefit 1

You will get a Detailed Financial Plan with clear action points, which will act as a Road Map for you to do well in your Money Life.

Huge Benefit 2

We will Help you in Proper execution of the Financial Plan to put you into a Financial Discipline, and to keep your behavior biases at bay. 

Huge Benefit 3

Its not only Investments but every aspect of your Personal Finances be looked upon like Taxes, Insurance, Life Goals, Estate Planning, Loans etc.

Huge Benefit 4

You Will get a Wealth Monitor,as in online Real time view of your Investments and Assets, to have a clear Idea on where you are going

Here’s what Our Clients are saying about the Services

Financial Planning for Doctors
Dr. Sachin Gupta

New Delhi

I am Proud of my Decision

Rather than googling and confusing myself with the different reviews and articles, I get Filtered Knowledge, which is more important for me. Now I know where to go for all my financial doubts.

Dr. Ashwani Kansal


Quite Happy with His Professional Acumen

My hard-earned money was getting wasted in helping people earn promotions. It is wise to depend on someone who can help you in an honest and sincere manner and that too in your interest.

Financial Planning services for doctors
Dr. AnUmeha Sharma


He's a True WealthCare Expert 

He is a Kind of Family Financial doctor for me. I remain so busy in my personal and profesional life that this important area was getting ignored completely. Now i am confident with my personal finances.

We Simplify and Educate

Our value as a fee-only financial planning firm comes from not just making complicated financial matter simple, but also helping Doctors to take action and make smarter, more informed financial decisions. 

Financial Planning Process

Below are the steps that we follow to come up with a Suitable Financial Plan for your

Life and Money Goals


Step 1: Get Acquainted (Casually and Formally)

We will start with answering your questions about us, our system and processes. When you are fully convinced and likes to go ahead, then we will share an Agreement for you to read and sign. This will explain in writing what we are going to do and what are the different steps involved. This is the First Step in Transparent Dealings. What we say will give you in writing.


Step 2: Diagnosis

Just Like you, we also do not advise without Diagnosing. So at this step we will require you to fill up the data sheet to share your Complete financial details and goals with us, so we can do our analysis and your Financial Health Check. If you find difficulty in collating data, we handhold you and guide in the whole process. We will do your Risk profiling too, to understand tolerance towards Market movements and what kind of Investment Allocation would suit you for your Long term Investments.


Step 3: Prescription

Once we have your Vitals at place, and the other reports like cash flow, net worth, Loan analysis, Savings requirements, we will write your Financial plan and come up with the best possible solution for the achievement of your financial goals. We may advise you discontinuing your insurance policies or increasing the Insurance cover, We may tweak your Investment Plan, may advise you on how to save more on taxes etc. But all our advise would depend on the Diagnostic reports and Your Requirements.


Step 4: Implementing, Monitoring, Review and Follow Ups

This is the Optional step where we execute the plan and put you on medications (Read Investments). If we need to involve other professionals here like CA, Lawyers, Insurance experts etc. we may do under your permission. Since the results depend on lot many uncontrollable factors so we do the monitoring, half yearly and annual review of the Investments and Financial Plan, to ensure we remain on Track always.

We Both are Same

Your patients trust you with their health, our clients trust us with their finances. Just like you, we take a comprehensive approach to providing care. Throughout the financial planning process, we will take everything into account to identify where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Working together in an ongoing relationship will allow us to be an accountability partner for you. It will ensure that you receive continual care, and that the informed decisions you make will get implemented and updated when necessary.

But Do Understand that Just like Physical Wellness can't be Improved overnight, same way Financial wellness needs time. 

We are Talking about your Financial Life, and not Just Investments

Think of this as a long term care rather than One time visit. Your Financial Life does not starts and ends with you. It has many other stakeholders in it and you are responsible for their wellness too.


You don't want them to be worried about the Family's Financial Management in your absence. In fact even if you are there you don't want yourself to remain immersed in the Complexities of the Finances by compromising the quality time which you can devote to your Profession, your Health and Your family.  

Great Financial Life Starts with Good Money habits, and A Good Financial Planner will help you bring the goodness in your money life. He can help you save from doing dangerous Money Mistakes. 

With a Financial planner by your side you can always be sure that your Money is working for you, even while you are asleep.  Money Reciprocates the way you treat it. We will help you uncomplicate the financial matters and how to better plan your financial future in a simple and growth oriented way. 

Pricing Plan


We will write a Financial plan for you and also execute, monitor and do the Timely Review for you 


Per Month, to be charged in Lump sum for 12 months

  • A Detailed Financial Plan with Action steps, and Goal based Investment Guidance
  • Execution of the Financial Plan, Investment Management, Monitoring and Timely Plan Reviews 
  • Online access to Complete Wealth Report
  • Suitable for Doctors who want to work with Financial Planners for Long term, to manage their financial plans and guide them,time to time on necessary actions
Invest RICH

This is the Lite service, where we write Only Investment Plan and guide on Suitable Investments as per the goals and Risk profile of doctors 


Per month to be charged in Lumpsum for 3 months

  • Goal based Investment Plan
  • No Analysis of Old Investments
  • Execution Support and Regular Reviews 
  • Online Access to Complete Wealth Report
  • Suitable for New Investors who does not have baggage of Old Investments and like to start afresh, under Financial Planner guidance


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Doctors know the Importance of dealing with Paid Professionals. But being a Human themselves, Its natural to be apprehensive to pay someone where you don't know the exact outcome. So, let me take away the risk from you, and assure you that during the complete Plan writing process, where ever you feel that you are not finding the same useful or not as what you had expected...we will refund you the 100% payment. No Questions Asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have my demat account ? If I work with you, do i have to open any account with you?

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Do you also earn Commissions from Selling Investments? How to ensure unbiased advice?

How Long will it take? You said Lifelong Relationship and I am not Comfortable with that

What about the existing Investments?Will you take care of that too?

What If I want to disengage with you in future? How easy is that process?