Your Money Reciprocates the way you Treat it. We help you Be Good with Your Money

Dr Good Money is a Niche Division under a Boutique Financial Planning Firm Good Moneying Financial solutions, being run by Mr. Manikaran Singal, a Certified Financial Planner and a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser.

Though Good Moneying has been serving clients across the globe since 2012, Dr. Good Money is recently announced specific division by Manikaran, who has 17+ years of experience in the Financial Services Space.

After serving doctors clients (Practicing and Salaried), it was observed that doctors are among the most misled segment when it comes to making investments.

Some have been sold with so many insurance policies, some are full of Real estate, some are so Risk averse that they prefer to have bank FDs and traditional Investments in the portfolio, and for some risk has nothing to do as they don’t have time to look at the product details, are thus are into PMS, Structured product, or AIF kind of complex structures.

Dr Good Money is a Doctor who is Good with Money.

The Idea of Dr Good Money came with the experience of the Financial Challenges doctors got exposed to during Covid times. It was a general opinion that Doctors profession is stable and recession proof, which till now was considered to be true, and to some extent it actually is.

But, OPDs were shut, Surgeries are being delayed, and patients also prefer tele calling with Doctors as visiting hospitals may expose them to more risk, that showed doctors Income may also be in distress in some situations.  

And things become difficult to manage for some when they are serving practice loans, Home Loans, car loans etc.  

Managing Money requires a Broad understanding of Personal finances, along with maintaining balance plus understanding of Risk and Return of the Financial decision.

Investing is only one part of it, but being in the right investments, which suits your Risk profile and Your Goals (rather than the sellers targets) is another. Plus continuing with the investments, doing the timely rebalancing, knowing when to start and when to stop, requires a behavioural management too.

In Financial Planning we touch upon all the aspects of Personal Financial Management, and aims to build good financial habits among the Investors, and bring in Financial Wellness in their life. We believe that your good Financial Life depends more on your discipline and process you follow, rather than any Specific Investment strategy.

Since doctors are among the busiest professionals, so it becomes more important for them to take good care of their money and use their time wisely on the professional upgradation, without being much worried on the Money management aspects.  

At Dr Good Money, We strive to make you Good With Money, So Money in turn be good with you.

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Who is This Guy?

Certified Financial Planner | SEBI Registered Investment adviser

Manikaran Singal is the founder and Chief financial Planner at Dr Good Money. Manikaran is MBA Finance (Gold Medalist), A certified Financial planner and SEBI Registered Investment Adviser. Having 17+ Years of experience, he is managing clients across the globe. 

He has authored a Book titled – “The Art of being Good with Money”, published by CNBC TV 18, India’s biggest Media House.

Our Founder and Your Planner

He is a Regular Contributor in Leading Media Houses and his articles keep getting published in different prominent business magazines and journals. He is of the strong opinion that Money behaves the way you treat it, and if you really want to get GOOD out of it, first you have to behave Good with Money.

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